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Unison Bolton's New Address

The Unison office is moving from Howell Croft House to our new offices at The HUB, Bold Street.

Unison Bolton
Bold Street


Panto Tickets - SOLD OUT‏

Due to popular demand and the fact we had less tickets than usual this year we are sorry to announce that all the tickets for the panto have now been sold.



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Safety Rep of the Year Award and Stress and Well Being Survey

The UNISON “Safety Rep of the Year Award” is still running - and we are looking forward to recieving nominations from all Regions and Service groups. Nominations close on December 31st 2015. complete

We are also running a “Stress and Well Being Survey” aimed at finding out how the austerity agenda may have impacted stress and workers well-being in the workplace. Survey will close on November 30th 2015



Press release 8 Sep 2015

On Monday council joint trade unions lodged a dispute with Bolton Town Hall chiefs. The dispute relates to plans by Bolton Council to transfer jobs and services to a new arms length bodw known a Long Arm Trading Company or LATC. This company will be responsible for care and support to hundreds of elderly and disabled people in the town.

Andrea Egan the Bolton Unison Assistant Branch Secretary said "our members are worried about the future, many will see pay cuts of up to 40%. Our members are also worried about the vulnerable people who rely on the services they provide. Everything should not be based on driving down costs and doing things on the cheap. The joint trade unions have lodged this dispute over what we believe are failures in the collective bargaining process".

Andrea Egan added, "We have asked the council to take a step back and halt the implementation of the the new care company to enable us to have a meaningful dialogue"


Martin Challender
Bolton Unison
Branch Communications Officer.

01204 338901

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Joe Hill 100 years

Joe Hill (1879-1915) was a songwriter and union activist, framed and then executed by the state of Utah. His creative way of campaigning and organising has relevance for those fighting for workers’ rights now.
Joe Hill, the troubadour and union organiser, who “never died”, makes his appearance this November at the Adelphi and in a play called "Joe Hill's Dream".
The story of Joe and his union, the ‘Wobblies’, sends echos down to us today, when we are under vicious attack from the government. These events will stick in everyone’s mind and inspire them to continue Joe Hill's philosophy: “Don't mourn, organise!”

See the Nerve website: for more details.


Unison Welcome's University Settlement.‏

Press release 28 Sep 2015

A settlement by Bolton University with sacked trade unionists Damien and Jenny Markey has been welcomed as a "huge relief" by Bolton Unison Branch Secretary, Bernadette Gallagher.

Damien and Jenny Markey were dismissed from their jobs at Bolton University earlier this year following allegations of victimisation. Damien is an member of the University lectures union, UCU and his partner Jenny is a member of Unison which represents no-teaching staff at the University.

Bernadette Gallagher, the Bolton Unison Branch Secretary said, "Damien and Jenny have been through a really tough time. No settlement in the world can change that. At the end of the day they are a couple with three children who lost their jobs and were left with the terrible uncertainty of how they would be able to make ends meet.

I am really pleased for them that a settlement has been reached. Whatever the terms are, it will be a huge relief that this is finally over. The Markey family can hopefully begin to pick up the pieces and get on with the rest of their lives. I would like to thank everyone who supported their campaign earlier this year. Unison will always stand up for our members in times of difficulty.

Martin Challender
Bolton Unison
Communications Officer



Bolton Unison Press Release
2 Oct 201

Union representatives from the public service trade union, Unison in Bolton have given their unanimous backing to a campaign to highlight issues about breast cancer and it's causes.

A meeting of Bolton Unison Branch Committee on Thursday 1st October discussed some of the alarming statistics about breast cancer. The meeting agreed to back the Pink to Prevention campaign which calls on charities to remove the "pink blindfold" about the possible causes of breast cancer.

Hilda Palmer a health and safety campaigner from Greater Manchester Hazards Centre welcomed the union's support for the Pink to Prevention campaign and said "The statistics are quite shocking, in 1995 women had a 1 in 12 chance of getting the disease in her lifetime, now it is estimated that this has increased to 1 in 8. Millions of women each year help to raise money for cancer charities who do a brilliant job in supporting research, treatment and care services. There is a great deal of emphasis on promoting healthy lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. However 60% of breast cancer cases have no explanation".

Andrea Egan, Bolton Unison Assistant Branch Secretary added, "Breast cancer is a terrible disease it affects millions of women as well as family and friends. We need to tackle the causes of breast cancer and not just treat it when it happens. This campaign acknowledges the excellent work of breast cancer charities but urges them to look more closely at environmental and occupational factors including the impact of toxins on women's health".

Martin Challender
Bolton Unison Communications Officer

Don’t let employers use agency temps to break strikes

Why is this important?

One of the most harmful proposals in the Government’s trade union reform plan is overturning the longstanding ban on using agency temp workers to break strikes.

Allowing employers to use agency workers in this way would undermine all workers. The right to withdraw your labour, a right agreed across the democratic world, becomes almost meaningless if protesting workers can be replaced at the drop of a hat.

Agency temps, often young workers, may feel pressured or misled into entering a stressful situation by taking on the jobs of striking workers.


UNISON urges the government to show compassion and accept more refugees‏

Dear Colleague

As agreed at the NEC meeting on Wednesday 2nd September 2015 UNISON has today released the following statement on the refugees situation across Europe.

I hope you find this helpful.


barnet johnBolton Unison Branch Committee has voted to nominate John Burgess for General Secretary at the September Branch Committee..

John, who is the Branch Secretary of Barnet Unison has sent a message of thanks to Bolton.

"Thank you to all at the Bolton LG branch of Unison for nominating me for General Secretary. I really value your support".

Are you on Twitter? To find out more about John's campaign you can follow him via...


UNISON to continue fight over Employment Tribunal fees in Supreme Court

UNISON has vowed to go to country’s top court after the Court of Appeal rejected its appeal against the government’s introduction of ‘punitive’ employment tribunal fees. More


Bolton Council's new Chief Executive faces vote of no confidence

Bolton Council's new Chief Executive, Paul Najsarek, faces a vote of no confidence from care workers over plans for drastic cuts to pay and conditions.
Council trade unions, UNISON & GMB are concerned about plans to set up a "Local Authority Trading Company" which will lead to workers pay slashed by up to 40%. Unions are now planning to ballot affected members on a vote of no confidence in Paul Najsarek.
Andrea Egan, Bolton Unison, Assistant Branch Secretary said, "The Council's proposals are deeply flawed, and we do not believe that the business case has been properly thought through. We are very concerned about the impact on the pay and conditions of the workers concerned. We are asking the council to defer it's proposals to allow for further discussion".

Martin Challender
Bolton Unison
Communications Officer

Battle for Bolton

Battling for Bolton Edition Seven

Battling for Bolton Edition Six
Battling for Bolton Edition Five
Battling for Bolton Edition Four
Battling For Bolton Edition Three
Battling For Bolton Edition Two
Battling For Bolton Edition One

Message from Bernadette Gallagher

Unison Branch Secretary

“In a further attack on the trade unions the Tory government has announced that it intends to stop union members having their subs deducted from their wages. The Tax Payers’ Alliance has said public money should not be used for this purpose.

I would like to make it clear to that Bolton UNISON pays Bolton Council for this service. Whilst it is income generating for the council it is unlikely to stop the government imposing this restriction on all public sector employers.

However Trade Unions nationally and locally will continue to resist attacks on the unions right to organise.

Our shop stewards and members are currently being asked to help with the exercise of preparing to switch subscription payments from payroll deduction to payment via direct debit”.

UNISON wins compensation for members after brutal assaults at work

Three UNISON members working in a care home received compensation totalling £60,000 after being attacked and assaulted by a service user. More

Anti-Austerity Demonstration, London 20th June 2015


Jeremy Corbyn London 20th June 2015

Mark Steel London 20th June 2015

Charlotte Church London 20th June 2015

Caroline Lucas M P

What you need to know

Unison has seen a sharp rise in the number of safeguarding cases, whilst they are mainly within schools it is an issue which effects ALL staff. These have led to disciplinary action and in some cases dismissal. UNISON has put together some safety tips, please use them, it could save your job.

When you join facebook, ensure you ‘lock’ your page so only people YOU choose can view your pages, photo’s etc.

DO NOT under any circumstances ‘make friends’ with any service user.

Do not talk about your work base, in your status. Your Authority or manager is your employer and you can be disciplined for writing anything derogatory about them or your workplace.

It isn’t wise to be commenting about your personal life activities when you are on sick leave.


These are now safeguarding issues. An employer can discipline you if they believe your comments bring ‘The employer into disrepute’. Ignorance could lose you your job and is not a defence.

Free financial advice

UNISON Debtline offers members and their families a range of services from advice on budgeting and council tax arrears to debt management plans. MORE

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