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International Workers Memorial Day Monday 28th April ‘Remember the Dead: Fight for the Living’


The National Employers have, after careful consideration and extensive consultation, agreed to make the following final offer that we believe balances the desire to provide a pay increase for all NJC employees with councils’ limits of affordability. More


OPENS: 7th April 2014
BALLOT CLOSES: 16th May 2014 (5pm)
YOUR BRANCH HAS NOMINATED: Andrea Egan (Female Seat) Steven North (General Seat)

Sports and Social committee presents
‘A night with Alun Parry’

alun parry

Saturday 17th May 2014 Brass Cat Pub, Church gate, Bolton (Function room) Time: 8pm Ticket Only (from the Unison Office) Afterwards: 10 pm onwards in the main pub for Northern Soul till late
This date coincides with Phil Travers (Children’s Convenor) taking early retirement, so we will use the opportunity to double up as a leaving party.

Phil's leaving do‏


When:-Thursday June 5th 2014.
What time: - 5pm
Where: - Sweet Green Tavern Pub


Comedy Fundraiser Friday 11th April, 2014. 20.00

Join us and fellow Bolton antifascist and antiracist activists for the North West HOPE not hate comedy night 'Laughing in the Face of Hate'. 

Help us raise money for the Sack Nick Griffin campaign by laughing along with some of the best local comedians on the circuit.

It's free entry on the night, but we will be collecting donations for the campaign in a bucket. A BIG bucket. With lots of space to put your money in :-)

Take your seats early, because we start at 20.00 sharp

Bolton Socialist Club, 

16 Wood Street, 



Support worker’s career ended after manual handling accident

Community care assistant receives compensation after she injured her back at work

The UNISON member from Swansea regularly lifted an elderly man, who weighed around 20 stone, from his bed to a wheelchair using an overhead hoist as part of the gentleman’s daily care and support.

The 56-year-old carer had asked her employer, City and Council of Swansea, for a sling with handles to make the procedure easier but they failed to provide this additional support.

During a routine visit to the man’s home in October 2009, she was moving him from the hoist to the chair when she felt a sharp pain in her lower back.


The European & Local Elections - Thursday 22nd May 2014

These two important elections are only weeks away....

Unison believes that everyone should make sure that they are registered to vote and that they are able to participate. If you have a son or daughter away at university they can be registered both at home and the place where they are studying, for local elections they can vote in both places but they can only vote in once in General Elections and once in European Elections.

Anyone can request a postal vote & most people find it easier - see the electoral commission website:-



Responsible department: Home Office

We urgently call for a public enquiry (judge led) into the way that the Greater Manchester Police have policed Barton Moss Community Protection Camp Irlam.

Sign Here

Government under fire for outsourcing scandals

The Government’s ability to negotiate and manage contracts with outsourcing providers has been criticised in damning report from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
GMG (Bolton) Electrical & Security Contractors 10% Discount For Unison Members

GmG Ad

UNISON attacks government obsession with sickness absence

UNISON has attacked the government's obsession with sickness rates, after figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that days lost due to sickness absence fell from 178 million in 1993 to 131 million in 2013.

dental plan

UNISON supports review into asbestos management in schools

The Department of Education has launched a policy review on the asbestos management in schools, after it was discovered that children are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of asbestos. MORE


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Urgent Local Government Pensions update 2014 - England & Wales

Bolton UNISON members will be affected by changes to Local Government Pensions Scheme (LGPS) from 1st April 2014

Changes to Local Government Pensions from 1st April 2014 will affect workers who have opted out of the scheme and their final salary pension benefits.

Anyone who has opted out of the LGPS must rejoin the scheme if they want  protection of the earnings link on any final-salary benefits that they have earned up to April (there may be some protection for those who opt back in within five years of opting out).

If the cost of contributions is a problem, the new regulations from April will allow members to pay half their normal contribution rate for half the pension. They need to fill in and return the forms to rejoin to their employer's pension department before the end of February.

If they are not actively contributing to the scheme, any benefits earned before they opted out will fall outside the proposed five-year window of protection to opt back in, and will go up in line with prices - currently the Consumer Prices Index - rather than earnings.

Anyone thinking of paying additional voluntary contributions to maximise their tax-free lump sum payment when they retire should start paying the contributions before April.

If members choose to pay additional voluntary contributions after April, they are only likely to be able to take part of their additional voluntary contributions fund as a cash sum (currently 25% of the value) when they retire.

For the rest, they will have to buy extra pension at whatever the annuity rates will be in the future from a pension provider such as an insurance company.

Members - especially those near retirement - can pay additional voluntary contributions or buy extra LGPS pension if they can afford it.

They should ask their employer's pensions department for details.

Bernadette Gallagher
Branch Secretary

Hope Not Hate…
Local & European Elections - Thursday 22nd May

The European elections and Local Elections will be held the same day - Thursday 22nd May 2014. Over the last few weeks you couldn’t have missed the xenophobic hysteria whipped up by the some parts of the press about immigration, particularly from Romania and Bulgaria. The lies and fear circulated about immigration helps to distract people’s attention from wholesale cuts being made to our public services. It is music to the ears of anti-immigrant parties like UKIP. In UNISON we firmly believe that blaming immigrants for the problems of the country is divisive and wrong. In 2014 we can make a difference. We can defeat Nick Griffin and the BNP but also push back against those that want to tear apart our community for political gain and, in the process, defend and promote our multi-racial society.

Get involved at:

Are you registered to vote?
Did you know that you can request a postal vote?

Generations of ordinary men and women fought to secure our right to vote. UNISON believes that everyone should make sure that they are registered to vote and can participate in elections. Anyone can request a postal vote to help make things easier.

Find out more at:

Joint Union Lunch Time Pay Protest

Bolton Town Hall Square - Tuesday 4th February

We had an excellent response on Bolton Town Hall square on Tuesday 4th February as we

kicked off the local government pay campaign with a lunch time rally and low pay soup kitchen. We gave out hundreds of leaflets, collected postcards and signatures on petitions as well as giving cups of soup to passers-by.

There was a positive reception to our claim for fair pay for everyone and a living wage for the lowest paid. People readily understood that our members in local government have had years of pay freezes and 1% rises in the face of spiralling living costs have rocketed.

Although we often hear politicians and people in the media attempting to divide public sector workers from private sector workers, this was not our experience on the precinct yesterday. Several people said “good luck” and “good on you” when we talked about our pay campaign for a £1 an hour increase.

Bernadette Gallagher

Battling for Bolton

Read it HERE

Battling For Bolton Edition Three
Battling For Bolton Edition Two
Battling For Bolton Edition One

Save mental health services Bolton, Salford, Trafford

To Jeremy Hunt dept health and to Beverly Humphreys, Chief exec GMW NHS Trust.

We the undersigned are appalled at proposals to close mental health wards at Bolton and another at Salford . The proposal is to also move all older adults beds in Bolton, Salford and Trafford to a central location at Woodlands hospital Little Hulton . Sign the petition HERE.

'I am not OK!


Bolton local government UNISON branch showing solidarity with workers in South Korea 'I am not OK!' is the message to government. Support railway workers' right to strike in Korea

Bolton MPs presented with postcards supporting the campaign against Zero Hours contracts.


UNISON “There for You”

With rising fuel costs and another cold winter many members are worried about how they’re going to pay this year’s winter fuel bills.


Help is on hand

UNISON “There for You” has set up a limited fund to help UNISON members on a low-income by way of a one-off payment of up to £40.

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

1) total household income less than £18,000 a year (after tax/other deductions)

2) total household savings no more than £800 (including rolling bank balances)

3) paid UNISON subs for more than one month

4) no household member received financial assistance from UNISON in last 6 months

Please find the application form HERE.

For further information visit or contact your UNISON branch office.
01204 338901/2

Accommodation Strategy Implementation

The enclosed pack of information contains, as a basis for consultation, the plans and strategy for accommodating Council staff following the decision to empty and dispose of four major office buildings in Bolton town centre. MORE

How 'bedroom tax' has left 11,000 people in Bolton waiting for just 91 one-bed homes

BOLTON is facing a “bedroom tax” crisis after it was revealed more than 11,000 people are on the waiting list for just 91 one-bed homes.

The “bedroom tax” was introduced in April in an effort to cut waiting lists for larger families.

People in receipt of Housing Benefit have their benefits reduced if they are in homes deemed to be too big for their needs, losing 14 per cent for one spare bedroom and 25 per cent for two or more.

But critics have hit out of the scheme, claiming there is not enough social housing, especially one-bedroom properties, available for people to downsize.


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What you need to know

Unison has seen a sharp rise in the number of safeguarding cases, whilst they are mainly within schools it is an issue which effects ALL staff. These have led to disciplinary action and in some cases dismissal. UNISON has put together some safety tips, please use them, it could save your job.

When you join facebook, ensure you ‘lock’ your page so only people YOU choose can view your pages, photo’s etc.

DO NOT under any circumstances ‘make friends’ with any service user.

Do not talk about your work base, in your status. Your Authority or manager is your employer and you can be disciplined for writing anything derogatory about them or your workplace.

It isn’t wise to be commenting about your personal life activities when you are on sick leave.


These are now safeguarding issues. An employer can discipline you if they believe your comments bring ‘The employer into disrepute’. Ignorance could lose you your job and is not a defence.

Free financial advice

UNISON Debtline offers members and their families a range of services from advice on budgeting and council tax arrears to debt management plans. MORE

Keep your Membership Up-to-Date

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