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Bolton Council's new Chief Executive faces vote of no confidence

Bolton Council's new Chief Executive, Paul Najsarek, faces a vote of no confidence from care workers over plans for drastic cuts to pay and conditions.
Council trade unions, UNISON & GMB are concerned about plans to set up a "Local Authority Trading Company" which will lead to workers pay slashed by up to 40%. Unions are now planning to ballot affected members on a vote of no confidence in Paul Najsarek.
Andrea Egan, Bolton Unison, Assistant Branch Secretary said, "The Council's proposals are deeply flawed, and we do not believe that the business case has been properly thought through. We are very concerned about the impact on the pay and conditions of the workers concerned. We are asking the council to defer it's proposals to allow for further discussion".

Martin Challender
Bolton Unison
Communications Officer


Battle for Bolton

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Message from Bernadette Gallagher

Unison Branch Secretary

“In a further attack on the trade unions the Tory government has announced that it intends to stop union members having their subs deducted from their wages. The Tax Payers’ Alliance has said public money should not be used for this purpose.

I would like to make it clear to that Bolton UNISON pays Bolton Council for this service. Whilst it is income generating for the council it is unlikely to stop the government imposing this restriction on all public sector employers.

However Trade Unions nationally and locally will continue to resist attacks on the unions right to organise.

Our shop stewards and members are currently being asked to help with the exercise of preparing to switch subscription payments from payroll deduction to payment via direct debit”.




Star date: 17th August 2015


After marches from all over Greater Manchester, re-enacting the great St Peter's Field rights gathering in 1819 that led to the bloody Peterloo Massacre, a solemn commemoration was held outside Manchester Convention Centre (GMex) yesterday.

The names of the 15 dead were remembered as Christopher Eccleston read a fragment of Henry Hunt's attempted speech, John Henshaw read Samuel Bamford's eye witness account of the slaughter and Maxine Peake recited verses from Percy Shelley's The Masque of Anarchy... "Rise like lions...Ye are many - they are few..."

UNISON wins compensation for members after brutal assaults at work

Three UNISON members working in a care home received compensation totalling £60,000 after being attacked and assaulted by a service user. More

Fit note fails to deliver

The government’s flagship “fit note” scheme for getting people back to work has failed to deliver five years on from implementation, seriously ham-pering the UK’s attempts to improve its sickness absence performance and reduce unnecessary sickness absence.

The findings come from a survey of 345 companies by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation and Jelf Employee Benefits. The survey finds that far from aiding economic growth and improving produc-tivity by getting people back to work earlier, the situation has failed to improve.

According to EEF, only around one in eight GPs — 5,000 out of 40, 584 — have been trained in health and work, while only a small sum has been spent on GP training compared to the £170 million the government has invested in the Fit for Work service over last five years.



UNISON stresses joint working for Euro week

UNISON is encouraging employers and its union branches to work together to tackle work-related stress. The UNISON push follows the announcement that the theme for October’s European Health and Safety Week will again be stress and other psychosocial risks. The union says employers and branches should consider conducting a stress audit using the HSE stress management tool. It adds a decent risk assessment should result in effective prevention and control measures and can be backed up by properly negotiated stress management policies and procedures. This year European Health and Safety Week begins on Monday 19 October. “So now is a good time to start having joint discussions,” a UNISON alert notes. “Use the week to conduct an audit or survey, as a target for the review or implementation of a stress risk assessment, or to review or launch the current or a new policy and procedure.”

Anti-Austerity Demonstration, London 20th June 2015


Jeremy Corbyn London 20th June 2015

Mark Steel London 20th June 2015

Charlotte Church London 20th June 2015

Caroline Lucas M P

What you need to know

Unison has seen a sharp rise in the number of safeguarding cases, whilst they are mainly within schools it is an issue which effects ALL staff. These have led to disciplinary action and in some cases dismissal. UNISON has put together some safety tips, please use them, it could save your job.

When you join facebook, ensure you ‘lock’ your page so only people YOU choose can view your pages, photo’s etc.

DO NOT under any circumstances ‘make friends’ with any service user.

Do not talk about your work base, in your status. Your Authority or manager is your employer and you can be disciplined for writing anything derogatory about them or your workplace.

It isn’t wise to be commenting about your personal life activities when you are on sick leave.


These are now safeguarding issues. An employer can discipline you if they believe your comments bring ‘The employer into disrepute’. Ignorance could lose you your job and is not a defence.

Free financial advice

UNISON Debtline offers members and their families a range of services from advice on budgeting and council tax arrears to debt management plans. MORE

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